9 Great Ways Companies Can Increase Morale

9 Great Ways Companies Can Increase Morale

Productivity can be majorly affected in a positive or a negative way by morale probably more than by anything else in the workplace. People sometimes ignore the symptoms of low morale in a company and fail to realize the financial costs a business may have to undertake as a consequence of low morale going unchecked. These consequences can go from a higher number of labor-related on site accidents all the way to a greatly reduced quality of the work being done and a lower ability to retain your top talent.

Here in Jason Hanold’s blog we often talk about the importance of a highly motivated workforce, so we understand the advantages of boosting company morale. Happy employees are much more productive, they perform better and are more creative, they reduce the number of sick days and leave taken, they are safer around the workplace, and finally pay more attention to detail. All of these reasons make it beneficial to worry about company morale, something that must start with diagnosing the current level of satisfaction with working conditions and company policies, in order to make adjustments and properly go about working towards a better work environment for everyone at the establishment.

Achievement recognition

It is important for employees to feel that their work is valued and recognized. Recognition doesn’t have to be something major or expensive, but a simple way of saying congratulations on a job well done can go a long way. Recognition can be done individually or as a team when goals or projects are completed with satisfaction.

A fun workplace

Investing just a few minutes away from the desk to engage on a fun activity in the middle of the day can boost productivity for hours. Having a relaxed environment to work does not necessarily mean that you will not be serious about getting things done. A break room with games and some available activities to offer your employees can be a great way to show that work and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive actions.

Promote from within

Company morale is significantly diminished when an outside hire is brought in to fill an opening that could have just been awarded to someone already in the company deserving of a promotion. In the long run is much better for all parties involved to promote a candidate from within even if they require some extra training instead of hiring a new person. People will be motivated to work for a company that promotes their own people.

Create an environment of positivity

An environment in which people say hello, smile and generally treat each other well is a great place to work. Positivity is contagious, and it should be something that trickles down from managers and leaders of the company. Be careful to be genuine with displays of positivity and good vibes so as not to come up as insincere.

Listen to your employees

Listen to your team’s concerns and consider their input about different aspects that have to do with the way things are done inside the company. Not only will you have a great perspective from the other side of the table, but you will also make your people feel appreciated as they see that their opinion matters and is taken seriously.

Help your people see your vision

Your employees must understand that the work they do matters and the goals of the company are something bigger than themselves and they are helping realize those goals. Understanding the vision of the company they are part of is a great way to motivate people and help them appreciate what they do. It is also important to help them identify whether they share that vision or not.

Show that you care about them personally

Adding a personal touch to the way you relate to your employees is a great way of letting them know they are valued as individuals and not just workers. Recognize your employee’s birthdays in a way that shows that you truly care and they are a valued member of the organization. The celebration of personal milestones is a great way to boost morale in a company as people will feel more invested in a place that makes them feel like they are part of a family.

Allow employees to pursue personal projects

Give your employees time to invest in the pursuit of a personal project they feel will improve their quality of life. Always working, no matter what type of work they do or how fulfilling it is, will drain their energy unless they feel that sometimes they are doing something for themselves. Time for personal projects can be done by setting aside a couple of hours a week or maybe just a day during the month when they can spend their efforts in doing something for themselves.

Help others as a company

Getting your company involved into charity work is a great way to bond for a better cause and bring your employees together while helping out. It makes people feel better about themselves and also shows that their company cares about others.

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