The Best Things Companies Can Do To Retain Their Top Talent

The Best Things Companies Can Do To Retain Their Top Talent

Top talent is usually defined as the employees that are scored the highest in performance reviews by their supervisors, however there is more than one definition to what top talent really is; we would go as far as simply saying that individuals that display traits that are valuable to the company in the accomplishment of its mission can be considered top talent regardless of other measurements.

Retaining top talent is one of the most effective strategies companies can employ to be successful and it should also be a priority of the human resources department. Firms will always strive to hire the most qualified individual for the job and place them in a position that best benefit their role within the company, and ideally, a position that allows for their own professional growth.

Here at Jason Hanold’s blog, we have talked about some of the best ways to acquire the best talent for your company, and today we will take a look at some things your human resources, your leaders and the whole company in general, can do to retain that talent within the firm.

Make them feel important.

The human factor is instrumental in the makeup of your company. Make your employees feel like they are necessary in the accomplishment of the mission, especially if they are your top talent and you want them to stay put. Employees want to feel secure and stable at their job and feeling like they could be replaced at any moment is one of the most demoralizing feelings they can experience.

Be clear about expectations and goals.

One of the biggest complaints employees have of their workplace is the lack of clear expectations and directions they experience. Job descriptions are a great way to let people know what is expected of them and to do away with all the anxiety brought upon by not having a clear understanding of your responsibilities. It is impossible to have motivated and satisfied employees if they have no idea what their goals are and that is something that should be avoided by having clear and effective communication from higher up.

Provide opportunities to grow.

Employees need to feel the have a future in the company and that there is room for them to grow personally as well as professionally. Many companies provide aid with tuition for people who want to attend school or take courses that can better prepare them to perform their role within the company. An organization that shows that much commitment will be rewarded with loyalty and hard work.

Maintain a positive and honest work environment.

Always have an open-door policy or practices that encourage employees to voice their concern and feel like they are being taken seriously. Keep your people informed of what is going on and make them participants in decisions. Always take their feedback seriously because they can see the company from a perspective that managers may not be able to appreciate.  

Appreciate good work.

Financial bonuses are just one of many ways to encourage and promote rewards for good work. Recognition for a job well done is something that definitely goes along way with employees, so finding ways to reward this behavior is something that no company should go without seriously considering. Employees who feel undervalued and unappreciated are most likely to find employment elsewhere and leave the company, especially if they know they have valuable skills like in the case of top talent.

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Promote quality in leadership.

There is a saying that states: “People won’t quit a company, the will quit a boss”. It is important to evaluate and carefully appoint leaders that promote an environment that is proper for the professional growth of employees. It doesn’t mean to simply choose people who everyone likes, it means to have a leader that challenges employees and understand the best way to allocate their skills in order to maximize their potential.

Equality and fairness.

The morale of employees will be negatively affected if they don’t feel like they are being treated fairly and there is a reason to think there is favoritism or unequal conditions of management. Situations that play favorites will not remain secret in a company, so it is important to be transparent and open about the way things are being done to avoid any of these issues.

Provide your employees with training.

Training your workforce means investing in one of your most important assets and showing them how valuable they are. Training your employees is great for the company and also an excellent manner to make them feel the company cares about making them better and preparing them for a future within the organization.


Employees that are rewarded, recognized and appreciated will feel respected by the organization and by those who they work for. It is important to treat them with respect, as the human component of the company is one of the most important and irreplaceable assets to care for.

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